The Black Hawk Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Cedar Falls and is all about celebrating local history, welcoming you to indulge in the beauty of the hotel and the community.

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The Black Hawk Hotel is a 28-room locally-owned boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Cedar Falls. The Black Hawk Hotel has a rich history beginning with the founding of Cedar Falls, and is the second longest operating hotel in the country!

Our Roots

The Black Hawk Hotel is the second longest continuously operating hotel in the country and has undergone significant renovation and renaming since the dawn of Cedar Falls’ history in the early 1850’s. First known as The Winslow House (1853), the hotel began as a stagecoach hotel a half block from the town’s first mill race on the Cedar River.

In 1858, the hotel was renamed The Western and the fourth floor was constructed. The Western served the community through the days of the Civil War.

In the 1860’s, the hotel became The Carter House and was a successful hotel until it was destroyed by fire in the late 1870’s. The building was replaced by the four-story Second Empire architecture that stands today and reopened as The Davis House. By 1885, the ownership of the hotel was in the hands of the Burr family and it was renamed The Burr’s Hotel, which the family operated until the early 1900’s.

In 1914, a group of investors hired Waterloo architect John Ralston to redesign the old structure into what it is today — a mix of Second Empire and Mission-style architecture — and The Black Hawk Hotel was born.

The Black Hawk Hotel is now listed in the National Historic Register of Historic Places and was awarded the 2003 Redevelopment Investor Award among numerous other accolades and awards since that time.

Our Future

The Black Hawk Hotel has been entrusted to local, family-run company, Eagle View Partners as of Spring 2018.

Eagle View aims to honor the rich history of the hotel and its significance in the community, much of which is owed to its most recent owners, Dan and Kathy Tindall, who dedicated more than 20 years to the hotel.

Eagle View’s pilot redevelopment project of the underutilized land on State Street into a new urban neighborhood, River Place, where more than 300 people now live, work and play, has uniquely prepared Eagle View for this opportunity.

Eagle View is an expert in placemaking within our downtown and plans to bring the same focus of providing five-star service and amenities to the Black Hawk Hotel.  

The rebrand of the Black Hawk Hotel starts with defining modern luxury as an amalgam of historic charm and progressive amenities. Guests will arrive to the same historic hotel they know and love, with a refocus on easy sophistication.

The hotel is built on thoughtful design, excellent service and distinctive food and drink, all while paying homage to its historic roots.

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